Thursday, January 6, 2011

update on the diet

alternate title:  an ounce of pee-vention

Yesterday, tragedy struck in the land of the no-carb diet...I gained 4 pounds without consuming the first pure carb.  Argh.  I'm not sure what exactly went wrong, but I have some suspicions.

I have realized (belatedly) that the canned beans I've been consuming ad nauseum not only have tons of fiber, but also a considerable amount of sodium...I'm hoping that yesterday's weight aberration can be largely attributed to fluid retention, and with that in mind, consider this:

I weighed myself this evening between meals, then realized I needed to micturate...afterwards I weighed myself again, and registered a whole pound lighter.  A pound of pee.  Who knew?

So I have added more water to my daily diet, hoping to flush more of the sodium, etc, and keep everything moving through my system.  I've also added beans to the breakfast and lunch meals, at least for a few days to see if that changes anything.

Tonight's dinner featured a little break in the routine, with some spicy Italian sausage along with this colorful spectacle:
"Stoplight" peppers and red onion - Yum!


  1. That may have been what I was thinking about when I mentioned discarding the been water from the can and rinsing the beans.

    I'm sorry about the setback. I'm sure it's very temporary.

  2. Strange, I thought you were claiming that the "been" water was fart juice...I may try rinsing the next batch of beans, just to see what happens differently.

    What's a little funny here is that I actually felt a bit "stopped up" over the last day or so...this is funny because of the massive amounts of fiber in the beans, and I also take a OTC fiber supplement that adds ~ 4grams of dietary fiber to my daily diet. I'm guessing I just need more water.

    Finally, at the weigh in this morning I was down to my lowest in this whole experiment, although my "official weighing" is in the afternoon.

  3. Yes, that was what I mentioned, but I think I was missing this additional benefit: lose the preservative sodium.

    Also, we're told that all canned foods contain some BPA from the epoxy can lining. Perhaps a good rinsing can reduce the amount.

    My personal response to fiber is very different depending on its source food. Metamucil fiber wafers, for instance, seem to be very effective without causing much gas. This new Irish oatmeal I've been rice-cookering, though plenty high in fiber, seems to be having, ahem, the opposite effect.

    Congrats on the low weigh in, for sure.