Monday, November 26, 2012

Month 23

Or 2Y - 1mo!  The 23rd month is always going to give up a little luster to the coming celebration of the big 2 year mark, but this month has been pleasant.  Not only has the weather turned a little crisper, but you, my boy, have graduated into the next grade of terrorizing your parents.  This month, you learned to climb.

Just a few short nights ago, while prepping for one of many holiday meals, you climbed right up onto a two step stool and "helped" Mama with her cooking.  And now, forever more, the knives will have to be put away, not to be left on the counter top for reachy little hands.

I blame it all on your new friend; we recently had dinner with another family in their home, and their son (your age +/- one week) was climbing all over the place and you took copious notes.  It's all good, though.  1/8 of a second after this picture was taken, you learned the second lesson of climbing, and the bruise didn't even last a day.

You also continued developing your curiosity this month.  As mentioned before, you get to go to the TN aquarium a ridiculous amount, and at each stage of your very young life you have reacted differently to the experience.  This last time you finally took notice of the jelly fish and maybe a little bit the giant crabs.  And for 7 or 8 seconds you checked out the under water observation bubble.

This was your first year with real exposure to holiday food, and it turned out to be a good year for that. Both families (Mama's and Daddy's) celebrated Thanksgiving with above average iterations of the turkey, stuffing, potato, etc assembly.  At your Oma's house, you even got to show your climbing skills off out on the deck in pretty but brisk temps.

I should also mention that you are talking more, and with more sophistication.  I am more impressed that you look at a picture book and say "two mouses" than I am concerned that you haven't fully grokked the crazy English rules of plurals.

Along the same lines, it makes me and yo mama fuzzy and warm on the insides when you wander off in the house and we find sitting with a book, "reading" to one of your friends (owl, train, Pooh...)  It shows my bias, but I do believe that if we can get encourage your love of reading that the rest of your education will likely take care of itself.

We are excited about the coming celebration, and we are committed to recognizing your birthday despite the societal focus on the Christmas holidays, but we cherish each month, and 23 is no exception.  Maybe because you brought the style this month, hard.
I love you, son.  Stay cool.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Time to move on

 Family, community, legacy...I mentioned these words in this space recently, and they have been resonating in my mind ever since.  I have known for quite some time what is important to me, what I value, what I love and care about, but I have also come to see more clearly that my actions have not always aligned well with those values.

I value my family, I care for my community, and I am mindful of my legacy.  This month I made a tough decision, a choice 12 years in the making, and one that I believe is more closely aligned with my values.  After spending 1/3 of my life building a career in one role, and with one firm, I have chosen to step away from that path and onto another.

This year I am starting my own business.  I believe I am well prepared and well suited for the endeavor, I am confident that I have the ability to be productive and to bring value to others, and it is my sincere hope that this new career will allow me to better express my values.

Family.  Community.  Legacy.

Stay tuned - see you soon!