Monday, November 19, 2012

Time to move on

 Family, community, legacy...I mentioned these words in this space recently, and they have been resonating in my mind ever since.  I have known for quite some time what is important to me, what I value, what I love and care about, but I have also come to see more clearly that my actions have not always aligned well with those values.

I value my family, I care for my community, and I am mindful of my legacy.  This month I made a tough decision, a choice 12 years in the making, and one that I believe is more closely aligned with my values.  After spending 1/3 of my life building a career in one role, and with one firm, I have chosen to step away from that path and onto another.

This year I am starting my own business.  I believe I am well prepared and well suited for the endeavor, I am confident that I have the ability to be productive and to bring value to others, and it is my sincere hope that this new career will allow me to better express my values.

Family.  Community.  Legacy.

Stay tuned - see you soon!

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