Tuesday, January 4, 2011

turning $5 wine into $15 wine

One step...buy relatively cheap (but good) wine like the Bota Cabernet, pour some into a decanter, and wait a bit to drink it.

I generally wait too late to let my wine sit an ideal amount of time (approximately an hour or more for big wines like Cabs and Merlots) before meal time, but even fifteen to thirty minutes will make a huge difference.

It's not necessary to spend big bucks on a crystal decanter shaped like a duck (duckanter?) - the one I use was less than $10 at Costco.

The Bota box was $19, and it holds 3 Liters of wine (4 typical bottles!).  Less than $5 per "bottle", less than $1 per glass, and I promise it tastes as good as a $7 glass at your local bar and grill.

1 comment:

  1. Man, I've sworn off those boxes. I just can't get the hang of popping them open with my waiter's style corkscrew.

    Okay, so, let it breathe for an hour. Huh. Okay!