Thursday, January 6, 2011

amazing baby disproves evolution!

In a stunning turn of events, 100s of years of accepted scientific thought has been turned on it's its head by my one week old child.

Evolution rests on this idea of a process that optimizes viability and reproduction of the species; let me tell you there hasn't been ANY reproduction around here for months!

And this whole "viability" thing?  This kid can't do ANYthing on his own...simply amazing!

He's tiny, has no Excel skills, can't cook...

Let me tell you, it's a good thing he's adorable!


  1. Okay, now, let's be fair... If I understand correctly, he does have certain, er, processing skills at which he's fairly adept? Also he's really good at extracting his arm from swaddling, right? Surely that's more challenging than a bit of spreadsheet gymnastics.

    Also, hasn't he completely altered your lives in every single way without lifting a finger? That's pretty impressive.

    And yeah, he's adorable, for real though.

  2. I have pondered this very question many, many times. And you are right, their ONLY evolutionary advantage is that they are soooo cute. Other than that, they're chances of survival seem so small! It's like they're TRYING to get me to abandon them. What sense does this make?! Although, AdanA makes a good point -- we are at their beck and call, so something's working. Maybe they anticipated the invention of social services...

  3. Welcome back, Jessica! We sorely missed you around here.

    When this post was originally conceived, some time middle-of-the-nightish, it was to be longer, more involved, and funnier...but I have found that my memory has gotten so short in the last few


    what was I saying? Something about lack of sleep?

  4. Hi Jessica!

    Jennifer was telling me about this cat-borne virus that infects humans... and upon infection, somehow causes them to adore cats. How bizarre is that? And how on earth could it work? And is there a similar thing going on with our own offspring?

    I believe ZoeTheCat must be carrying quite a lot of this virus.

  5. AdanA - that's bizarre. Sort of a Botany of Desire, but for stinkin' cats? ugh...

  6. If you could just get yourself infected, maybe you wouldn't notice the stink anymore!