Wednesday, July 6, 2011

selling out - minimalist shoe edition

I've been encouraged by some parties to make my blog moderately more..."commercial".  Let's try that out.

I saw a review of these sandals today and I would not mind trying them out.

I think they look pretty cool, and are described as being "as the thinnest, most minimalistic sport sandal" Teva has ever made.  I could run in them, I'm pretty sure.  Although, I imagine I would pick up some tiny rocks and/or sand occasionally.  I might also drill holes in the sole and cut off some straps after trying the shoes out as-is.  Find them here.

In the same vein, a good friend of mine has had the opportunity to try out these Merrell "Barefoot Trail Gloves" and had some reasonably positive things to say about them:
While they look more "traditional", the shoe is apparently super light and fairly minimal in the sole.  I'm probably not going to try them out at present, but I'm glad that Merrell and other companies are continuing to innovate in the "minimalist" shoe space.  Check them out here.

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  1. For sure, I've been enjoying the Merrell Trail Glove. I have them in the black version (as shown) and they look pretty good except for the giant MERRELL printed down the outside of each heel. That's okay, I'll Sharpie that out before long.

    On a long hike up a mountain they were great. I tied them fairly tight, and they had excellent grip while still giving my toes lots of open space to do their magic thing. On the hike down we spent a couple of hours walking through a downpour, and they stayed light enough despite the drenching. I wish they'd dried a little faster, but they weren't bad.

    Since then, in daily wear, I've left them very loosely tied for easy slip on/off use. They've been a great outer layer over my Injinji socks.