Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Month 7

Someday you will realize that "special" and "important" are all relative, and so it is with milestones and recognitions...16th birthdays (15 if you are a Mexican female...), 18th birthdays, 21st if you are a US citizen, 30th, 40th, 50th...these are all watershed years for one reason or another.  And so it must be for monthly remembrances.  6 months was a big deal!  But 7?  It's just the month after 6, and 5 before the 1 year mark...right?

Except for you parents, it's not just another month.  It's ANOTHER MONTH!  You changed some this month, and made us laugh and smile and bang our heads against the wall.

Just look at that smile!  You are a happy baby, and your mom and I thank the stars daily for that.  This pic was taken in Nashville, at a hotel, where Dad had to go work for the week...you were a champ and weathered the change in surroundings pretty well.

Back at home, we keep expecting you to crawl (and sprout some teeth, but all we get is drool there), but your version of crawling is apparently modeled on the Superman style:

When you get excited and happy, instead of putting your hands and knees to the ground to propel you forward, you lift everything up into this "flying" mode.  It's cute, but relatively unproductive.  We're not completely sure what's going on there...

In other recent developments, you apparently think it's awesome to stick out your tongue ALL THE TIME.
Maybe someday you will be featured in a poster like Einstein, but we kind of doubt it.
Not that you aren't cute, but your mother and I hope that as an adult you will know when and where to use your tongue...

Anyway, this month was super cute and a lot of fun and I don't really know what else to say about it, because in the part of my world that is not ALL ABOUT YOU things kind of sucked and made me depressed.

But there was this to brighten at least one evening:

So, month 7 is behind us and number 8 is coming up fast...and you do look nice from behind too.

I love you, Son, and I'm glad we're doing this together.


  1. That's awesome development! Dang, big month for the little man.

    The superman thing, something like yoga's vimanasana, is pretty huge for back strength development, isn't it? It should bode well for stability once he gets more into the less prone poses.

  2. He does a lot of yoga...he's not quite as good at Downward Dog as is his brother, but shavasana and happy baby are solidly in his wheelhouse.

  3. He is absolutely adorable! I love the superman pose! Now get back on facebook so we can be friends again!