Tuesday, February 1, 2011

quick hits

Turns out I'm losing weight again...more detailed updates to come.

Slate.com is running a series on money and marriage; I have ideas on the topic, and may cover them here.  Any fears that the topic is too contentious to weigh in?

And speaking of contentious (or ill-advised blog topics), the NY Mag ran a series this week about sex, the internet, porn, youth, and relationships...I have some ideas about these themes as well.

The "ObamaCare" reform is under fire, and may very well be rolled back or compromised down.  Look forward to a diatribe about the US, entitlement programs, "systems", etc

I'm also trying to feel my way forward about posting more about finance related topics without running afoul of my employer...


  1. The more contentious the better.

  2. I thought the write up in NY mag was kind of a let down for such a potentially interesting/relevant topic, so I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. Glad you're losing weight.