Monday, February 7, 2011

have we lost the ability to anticipate?

to enjoy waiting for something?

Are we no longer able to immerse in an experience?

I can't read any entire article (that I'm enjoying!) on the web without alt-tabbing (ctrl-tabbing in Chrome) to check my email(s), blog updates,  the artist/song info in Pandora...

How fractured has my attention span become?  And, for the record, I do manage to consume enormous amounts of content whole in the course of the day, just not necessarily in one long gulp...

Of course, it would be an unfair ASSumption for me to apply this criticism broadly to all of you, but I suspect that my experience is more common than not.

Can you watch 30 minutes (22 on Netflix instant or DVD) of a sitcom without checking your texts or emails?


  1. Case in point: I'm VERY interested in this New Yorker article about Scientology:

    but it's 26 pages long, and I'm on page 3...meanwhile, I'm ALSO checking emails, blogging (a little self-referential humor/sniping?), and trying to get into this NY Mag article about Bloomberg's appointee to head NYC Public Schools:

    Oh, and doing my job, of course.

  2. from that NY Mag piece on NYCPS, this awesome quote that relates back to my competency-spectrum post about the workplace:

    "...says a magazine editor who worked with Black for years. “I thought of her as a competent person. She was always kind of a mystery to me, because she kept getting big jobs and seemed to do all right with them, but it was never quite clear how that happened.”" "

  3. from the same article, a cognitive bias call-out?

    "“When the idea is your idea, you usually champion it. And when it’s not, you usually don’t,”"