Friday, December 3, 2010

your kids are wise prisoners?

Over at Marginal Revolution, Alex posts about trying to teach his kids some principles of economics and game theory, where he ends up learning some stuff too.

It's good stuff for me to read, especially since I don't know yet if I'll come in as a parent in the sub-, hyper-, or just plain "competent" category.

Isn't it wonderful and scary to think about how different parenting is in the age of the 'net?  We were at some friends' house recently, to visit their newborn; they recounted how the baby had made an off colored poop and 30 seconds and one google search later, they had evidence from hundreds of posts that this sort of poop is common at their baby's age!  No calls to the doctor, no worried hours wondering what the next delivery might look like, and what it all may portend...there are definitely downsides to having all this information at hand, but there are upsides as well!

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  1. How do the Google Goggles do with that kind of search??

    I think you'll be a better parent if you have a nursery- dedicated iPad, yes?