Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a tale of customer service

After much research on safety and aesthetics (and a worthwhile detour into exploring a possible custom built option), the wife chose a crib from Land of Nod for our coming bundle of baby-boy joy.

So it got here yesterday, delivered by a private courier since we are now out of reach for Land Of Nod's "local" delivery.
The crib is made by El Greco (I personally think this will bias our boy towards a taste for ouzo as an adult).  The build seems very nice, and the assembly was pretty straightforward.  The fit and finish where the pieces join are clean and the tolerances are pretty tight.  Of course, all of this factored in to the original suggestion of safety (the wife did her homework!), but it was nice to see it come together as expected.
But then...there were no bolts in the kit to attach the bed spring frame to the crib itself.  And this is where the story could have turned very sour...but it didn't!  A call to LoN's customer service number was answered by a PERSON!  One option selected got us a PERSON!  (press one for orders, two for customer service..."hello, thanks for calling Land of Nod").  The rep immediately recognized the issue, noted that the standard policy is to send out an entirely new crib, but that didn't make sense to they would just expedite us the needed bolts.  Now, none of the above should seem strange or out of the ordinary, but if you have ever had to call customer service anywhere about anything then the odds are high that you had an experience that defied all common sense, any measure of logic, and probably left you feeling "serviced" in an entirely unpleasurable way.
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All of this to say that both Land of Nod (a Crate and Barrel company) and El Greco (who we also called on to inquire about crib parts) showed an exceptional level of positive customer service, at least per my current standards.

And now I guess I have to say that we are in no way compensated directly by the retailer or manufacturer for this post.

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  1. Lovely! That turned out beautifully.

    I'm so glad. I'm really very very glad.