Saturday, November 20, 2010

Barefoot Bible, Chapter 1, verse 1

For my barefoot running buddy, who sometimes needs a little inspiration:

In the beginning was the foot, and it was good.  In fact, there were two
and they were where Runner met the road.

And behold!  the road stretched away from Runner
and down that road lay all the wonder the exploding universe could hold.

Runner looked along the road, looked within himself, and began.
Falling forward in space: light! quick! smooth! the feet fell in rhythm

Runner flowed forward, like the water over the riverbed stone;
the road did not push back, but carried Runner forward.

And so, Runner loved the road, and the road loved Runner,
each step a caress, and the wonders of the distance drew near.

(see, poetry doesn't have to be embarrassing! or kooky!  OK OK, I promise no more poetry.  Until my son is born...and then there may some lyrical gushing that would make Creed look like Bob Dylan.)

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