Thursday, June 23, 2011

heavenly minds?

So I was reading something unrelated about the Singularity this morning and that made me think of something else which then made me think of...heaven.

What I'm curious about today may be of no interest to most folks out there, as it may seem a bit abstruse (or conversely may seem ridiculously simplistic) there a massive, expansive change in our "consciousness" at  death, according to the religions that suggest the existence of a possible heavenly afterlife?

Where I stumble a little in my thought tumbler on this one is the perspective that a massive change in consciousness could effectively make you a different person (maybe "identity" or "personality" is a better word to capture the incorporeal persistent conceptualization of "you") - you see, because there must be a "you" remaining in some sense to enjoy heaven (or undergo punishment in hell), but if that after-life version of you is essentially a different person, does that not introduce a problematic disconnect?

I'm going to try an analogy, with full knowledge that analogies never work [NTTATS]: While it is common to hold campaigning politicians accountable for things they said, did, or promoted during their adult career years, I have never seen such a person excoriated for something they did when 5 years old...and I think the rationale driving that disconnect is that the "child" is essentially (in terms of consciousness) not the same person as the "adult".

OK, this may be a stub of a thought but I have to get to some other stuff this morning.

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