Thursday, April 14, 2011

sharing with my son

I want to teach my kid everything I know.  And I want to learn new things just so I can teach him those too.

At this point, I hope he develops a natural curiosity about the world that I can feed information into, because I'm not sure how to inculcate curiosity if it's not naturally present.

I've started looking at things around me as potential laboratory experiments for the two of us.

This morning, for example, I was cleaning out the pan from yesterday's bacon drippings...when the left over fat cools in the bottom of the pan, it turns white and sticky.  But after just a few minutes on low heat, the fat turns clear and slippery.  Where did the white go?  I can't wait to tell the kid how we and everything in the universe is far more complicated than it might appear on the surface, that we are all made up of infinitesimal bits and a lot of empty "space".  And then we will watch Sponge Bob.

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