Sunday, March 27, 2011

Month 3

Every new day brings something new, and every month turned leaves me feeling like time is flying by.  I see you every day, and for nice chunks of time, but you change so much and so quickly that I often feel like I am missing out by blinking.

You have always been a pretty good sleeper, and you still are, but this month we have noticed you trying harder to stay awake during the day, as though you are afraid of missing something important or fun.  But occasionally you still zonk for a nice nap; here you are asleep on our bed (I know it was an unplanned nap or you would have been on a more Jude-approved surface).

I love your naps.  But the big revelation of month 3 has been your personality.  It seems like it just happened, all of a sudden one day, that you would actually notice us and break out in the occasional smile.  And it's awesome, that smile, and it changes everything.

That's you in your zoo print shirt, hanging out in a bassinet made for a doll that we keep in my office for those times I get to visit with you during the day.  This is probably an opportune time to point out that you are pretty consistently cool for ~ 10-15 minutes at a stretch, and if we had enough new places to park you for 10 minutes at a time we could probably cobble together a couple of hours of total peace, but we only have maybe 3 entertaining options, and a circuit does not work.

I should also point out that while I LOVE having you around while I'm "working", the reality is that you bring those quotation marks with you...I can type an email, or look at some info scrolling by on my screen, but there is no focusing on anything but you when you are around.

You have fully discovered your hands this month, and when you are awake one of them is likely in your mouth, at least when it's not batting at some tinkling toy we have suspended over your head.  It's fun to watch you play; your mom is afraid you will soon tire of your few toys, but I'm pretty sure that they are new to you pretty much every time you see them.

And while you have grown A LOT this month, I should probably point out that the angle of the shot in the photo above makes you look a little more jolly than in real life...even so, I have decided that you are probably going to be an fun and easy going dude that everybody loves.  

We took out first "away from home for the night" trip this weekend, and it went surprisingly well.  Besides delaying this post for a day, you got to attend your first wedding and your first wedding reception; you met old friends of dad's from my high school days, you got to dine out at some hip Atlanta eateries, and you got to interfere with a long tradition of hot hotel sex for mommy and daddy!

We also got you to sit upright in a chair long enough to get this shot of you all dressed up for the wedding; your mom and I are following a strict regime of not wishing for you to be older too soon, but when you get around to being able to hold your head up consistently in the next month or so, I will be glad.  I think you will find there is a lot more of the world to see once you are upright more often.

You travel well, and I'm excited about that.  You may not know this, but your parents love to travel and used to get out for interesting trips on a regular basis - it's been our secret hope that you will be that rare child that takes to airplanes and train rides and long walks through new cities and that you can accompany us on future adventures.

Anyway, month 3 wasn't too revolutionary, but you are developing a personality and I like it.  You're sweet, and you laugh at my jokes, and one night you even slept from around 11 until about 7, and once we had determined that you were still alive and healthy, we (prematurely) rejoiced that we had made it through the sleepless nights!  Alas, that one night was a tease, but we still hold on to the hope that the coming days will bring a trends of 7 - 8 hours of nightly rest.  It's a slim hope, but still.

I love you, Jude, and I can't wait to see what happens in month 4.

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